A solution for my back pack.

On my last blog entry I discussed an issue I had with back packs and packrafting.

The packs I have are for bush walking. The requirements for packrafting  are quite different. With all the gear there is a lot of bulk and very few packs on the market can take the volume and deal with the wet gear this issue also exists when I go kiteboarding).  I am not happy with any of the larger packs , nor strapping on extra items. Ideally everything should go in a single pack.

Staring at my bushwalking packs I thought “why isn’t there an ability to simply buy the harness and I use a dry bag or something ?”. I was tempted to cut up my old Berghaus pack but couldn’t as it has sentimental value: not until I have done some research.


It turns out that other people have had this issue and there other options.  After investigating a few the solution I settled on was the NRS Paragon Pack . It was quite expensive for what it is at near $180 AUD having to buy it from the U.S.A – what with the decline of the Aussie dollar and the cartel of US delivery options – ridiculous for what it is but cheaper for me rather than mucking around making my own or spending forever finding alternatives.

Taking delivery today I am glad it fitted my duffle bag and seems to fit well ergonomically. I may need to add some padding for the waist back, that will be determined after a couple of practice hikes.

The duffle bag by the way is the largest one can get that fits most international bag dimensions, it weighs 2.3 kg and has wheels – I may look at removing wheels to make lighter, we’ll see – they might be useful !  See Eagle Creek Migrate Wheeled Duffel 110L (I bought this as it fits my split kiteboard)




For reference some of the other options I looked at include:

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