A fine day for a paddle

I have booked in for a 11 day (9 days paddling) adventure on the Tatshenshi river in Canada with Tatshenshi  Expediting . I tried to join in with an amateur group, but the fellow organising it soon filled his vacancies. The price of his trip was less than half the commercial ones that I could find: I would have been very happy with that ! At $4250 CAD for the trip I’m doing, I had to chew it over for some time, but in the end I realise that rafting in a UNESCO heritage glacial wild river is a very special opportunity that few get to go on. Going with a commercial outfit provides some assurance in terms of safety – spend the money , this trip is no longer low budget !

The company is permitting me to take my packraft – my paddling fitness needs to ramped up. 

So on Saturday I brushed the cobwebs off the sea kayak and took it out for an a journey for four hours. What a stunning day, glad I did. I put the kayak up for sale due to its lack of use: if I don’t sell it I don’t mind. Usually when I sell my toys I regret it later. Working on the fitness is much better in this outdoor gym I reckon.


And what a stunning sunset too.


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