Table of Contents – Bushwalking

My blogs were originally or still are in Google BlogSpot, some of these links will direct you there. See the main Table of Contents for other activities.

When I was a teenager I used to love exploring the gullies in the lower Blue Mountains just above Emu Plains in NSW. One day I was reading the Wild Magazine and got inspired to actually do a ‘proper bush walk’. I mean compass, map – wilderness survival stuff. January new year 1996 I went into Paddy Pallins in Melbourne and asked for the ‘right’ gear, and left with a lot of expensive stuff: Macpac tent, Berghaus pack and lots of other goodies. I picked an ambitious very wet trek from the Walls of Jerusalem to Lake St Clair (interesting read !). I wasn’t phased by the adventure, not even close. Trekking is an activity I love, the frequency not as much as I’d like – but when I do go the uplift to the soul is wonderful.

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